Simpler Times

It’s only when you go back to what you once knew that you realise how complicated life has become.
I visited quite a significant place to me from a few years back the other day, and thought how much easier it was to get along in life back then. Not only that but the contrast in difference from a city area (where I am now) to a more rural area (where I was). The people were more friendly, relaxed, and open. The whole atmosphere was different to what I’d become used to and a reminder of how much I dislike living in a heavily populated area. Instead of passing wary glances I was greeted and waved at, which momentarily threw me off as how to respond. The amount of people there (for a Tuesday) also made me realise that these people had time to take off and catch up on life, unlike the busy lifestyle of metropolitan areas.
It was a real throwback, and to be honest I could do with more of it. Honestly I think my main goal in life from now is to get back to that kind of area in my future. It’s something I could definitely get used to again. Not a child this time, but as an adult.


Attack of the Kawaii Princess

Let’s get one thing straight, my sister isn’t the most careful of people. Seriously, she seems to have this issue with being cute yet supremely destructive. It’s really shone today though, breaking skipping ropes, tablets, and other things that really shouldn’t be broken.

Aside from that what she’s also got my Mum addicted to this thing called ‘FaceQ’, or something like that. It’s an iOS app that makes these little cartoony faces that you can customize, and lets just say Mum’s been going mental on it. She’s trying to replicate every little detail of our faces in the app, and although she gets close, I don’t think she’ll ever get it completely right.

So here’s to the Kawaii Princess, her destructive methods, and her time wasting app material!


Illuminati: Confirmed

It’s always good to have a fun conversaiton once in a while with a good friend, and that’s exactly what I had with the ever spontaneous Sadia today. I was branded Illuminati Confirmed in the process, but you know how it is. Life happens, you join cults, and eventually you get found out. Still, even if I do get hunted for revealing my membership at least I had a good time doing so!

In other news however, aside from being Illuminati confirmed, I think I can officially label myself student confirmed, having wtirren over 30,000 words since September. It doesn’t seem like a lot stretched over such a long period of time, but believe me my fingers ache from the amount of exercise they’ve been getting. Here’s to another two-thousand words I’ll probably have to write for Monday!

The joys.

Dan Croll – From Nowhere

Now I’d heard the From Nowhere Baardsen Remix (who hasn’t, seriously? GTA V trailer anyone?), but I’d never heard the original till I took the time to look it up and to be honest I was really surprised at the similarity yet the contrast in style. I’m not sure which version I prefer over the other yet, but it’s definitely in my books the song of 2014. 2015? Eh, I haven’t heard anything that’s grabbed my attention yet. That’ll most likely happen in summer or autumn. It’s just the way this seems to work. Still, give the song a listen! Maybe it’ll grow on you too.



Do You Want To Die?

I’ve been observing my surroundings a bit lately, coming and going from work, college, just in general really, and I’ve noticed something:

Nearly everyone seems to have near death experiences everyday, and the most common is a combination of cars and mobile phones.

It’s a common thing to see really. A pedestrian is furiously typing away on their phone, and doesn’t seem to notice the drop in height as they stray onto the road, their feet guiding them on auto pilot. The driver of the oncoming veichle percieves this just in time and either (depending on the situation) slams their brakes on or swerves, while simaltaniously mashing the horn to alert the pedestrian as to their own ire and the fact they (the pedestrian) could’ve been killed.

What bothers me about this repeating scenario is the fact that most of the people who walk continue to get lost in their own little world regardless of how many times they find themself in the unfortunate position of almost becoming roadkill. There’s no casual awareness as to where they’re really going, or any casual lifts of the head to check they’re on the right track, just two eyes wholly focused on a screen and whatever it’s displaying.

How hard can it be, really? Just looking up every now and then to check at where you are on the route to the destination, or to be aware of roads and traffic out of the corner of your eye before blindly walking across a main road?

Do half of us really want to die that much? Because that’s how we die.



New Year (albeit 9 days old), new theme, new post, same old procedure!

2014 was interesting, met some new people, did a few new things, but mostly stuck to what I know and already could do, which in a way is both good and bad. This year though I’m hoping that I’ll somehow find the motivation to do a little bit more and step outside the box of monotony that is everyday life. Of course keeping positive is the main key to doing that, but lets face reality: every year most of us make resolutions (or subconscious ones at least) and find out halfway down the line that we either never made the changes, or started and failed.

To be honest it’s a bit depressing what put that way, but that’s how it is! Still, there’s always the hope that sheer willpower and maybe that little something that can give the motivation we need.

I hope that everyone’s 2015 got off to a good start, and if it did’t that the next 356 days will make up for whatever happened!


I Am The Player: Wake Up

Only one game has ever got me totally engrossed to the point where I find myself quite literally losing myself: Minecraft.

I hadn’t played for a while before I got back into it recently, but like when I first played I keep finding myself losing up to 18 hours at a time just living in my own little dream reality.

It’s bad, yes, but it’s the sheer openness of the world and it’s randomness that really creates the game.

That, and my amplified level seed has to be the best thing to ever grace the planet.

But in all seriousness, it really captures the imagination on an awful lot of levels. I have the ability to do almost anything, create anything, and adventure anywhere. The vast infinite landscape is mine for the taking…that is if I could be bothered to go expeditions that far.

One thing I found though was when I defeated the Ender Dragon the ending script was actually quite…well…meaningful, especially for a game about blocks and gravel damage. It just reminded me how easy it is to lose oneself in a dream of any kind, and pay less attention to the ‘long dream’ of life.

Perhaps a few of us need to wake up.

ImagineWake Up