The Evening Post

Hey people! Today’s been an interesting day. Partially because of the fact that the day seemed to go by really fast, but also because today has been somewhat stressful. Really fast because one minuet I was working, the next I was at counseling and the next I was getting ready to go out for the evening and now am preparing to go to bed. It was also stressful since there are an array of things which me and my mum disagree on and today was one of those days where we had one of our usual arguments which lasted for a while and resulted in us not talking for about 5 hours or so. They happen quite rarely but when they do happen it seems to do more damage to our mother-and-son relationship than how much it heals by during the gaps in-between the arguments. Other than that it’s been a normal day. I’m out tomorrow for the Pendeford Church Youth Day so there won’t be any posts tomorrow but stay tuned for sunday. Hopefully i’ll be back on iOS before next friday so it’ll be much more easier to post.

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