The Evening Post – Issue 2

The day has been busy, as I said earlier. The morning was good and so was the evening, but I did start to doze off as it started to get late. We also had a suprise birthday party for one of our church members who, as suspected, was very surprised and moved almost to tears. The rest of the day was spent socializing, meeting new people and generally just talking. The highlights of the day were Mine, Steve, Caroline’s conversation about parents, relationship ages and other things. The second and last highlight was Maxine begging for chips and little fishlike things from the shop over the road, which I refused her much to my detriment. All in all the day has been very enjoyable on my behalf and I talked to and met quite a few new people and also found old friends too. I’ll post a photo I found on Flickr recently and a TomSka video after this to finish my blogging for the day. Night!

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