The Evening Post – Issue 3

Hello bloggers! I thought I’d fill you in on the day as it’s coming close to the evening now and would hate to leave you without a post. Here it is!

Well, the day started as normal. Schoolwork, ordinary stuff, the lot. After that I started work on my blog and added the page contents and tidied up all the links, pictures, drafts, sidebar, and media library. Next I went for my keyboard lesson, needless to say I did very well and should be starting my grades soon. Then I walked to pathfinder and, because of renovation, was forced with the rest of the group into the back room where we did nothing for two hours. Nearing the end of the day I wen’t to the shop with some friends and shortly after made my way home.

See? Nothing special really today apart from the nice bag of chips I had from the shop of course. 🙂

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