The Morning Mail – Issue 2

Morning bloggers! This’ll be a quick post so it shouldn’t be long. This morning’s been quiet really so there’s not much to update you guys on. The only really interesting thing that happened was that when I went to microwave my cereal I found the burger that I was meant to eat the last night still in there. So I pondered for a good 5 minutes and came to the conclusion that because of my long blog post yesterday I must have forgotten to take it out, even though I’m sure I ate it anyway. As I went to put it in the bin, expecting it to come off as I tipped it vertically, I realized that it wouldn’t come off. So, utilising the knife I found, I pried it off and finally got it in the bin. Now, I know this might not seem a big thing to you, but the fact is that it seemed to be glued onto the plate and also the fact that even when I turned the plate upside down the burger refused to be moved. I know I seem strange at times but if you try it for yourself you might be surprised at how fascinating it seems! I won’t be updating till the evening so I’ve left you with 1 new TomSka video and 2 Flickr photos that seem interesting and have a decent amount of bokeh. 再見!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Phumi says:

    yeah, okay Alex u weird child


  2. Stairhopper says:

    look…the burger hate me ok? 😀


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