The Afternoon Article – Issue 1

Good Afternoon! Mum’s out for a while so I thought I’d update you on the things that have been going on since my last post. Well, to start off, I’m up to 93 views in one day! A record high! Thanks to all the people who view my blog regularly and thanks to all those who don’t ‘cause if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have the figures I do. Also, to top that, I’ve has 358 views in just 2 weeks! This extremely special for me since at one stage I kept getting excited over 5 views per day so thanks to all those who have viewed. Anyway, getting on with the post, there hasn’t been much going on apart from having breakfast and finally getting dressed. The thing I wanted to really post on was my toast. Now, if anyone who’s reading this has ever had Cheerio’s will know that every so often you’ll come across a small little Cheerio that stands out from all the rest because it’s noticeably smaller and darker. If you’ve ever eaten one you’ll know that it’s not the best experience ever. In fact, it’s the worst. Carrying on, I found one in my breakfast bowl and immediately screamed “Evil Cheerio!” since that’s what I’ve gotten used to calling them and then proceeded to scrape it into the bin. My mum however, decided that toast could be evil too and, while making hers, decided to butter an evil face onto it to make it seem evil also. The sight, to me, was so rare that I had to take a picture. Don’t fret by the way, those hands aren’t mine, they’re mum’s. That’s all that I’ve got to update you on this afternoon but I may post later on. 再見!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. jenai says:

    loving the toast, come halloween time it won’t need a costume lool


    1. Stairhopper says:

      Ha! That’s exactly what I thought! To me it looks like a warped scarecrow…


      1. jenai says:

        A warped scarecrow with no body and a messed up head


      2. Stairhopper says:

        Good point…i missed out that part…


      3. jenai says:



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