The Evening Post – Issue 6

Once again, fellow bloggers, the day has come to a close and I, as usual, have found something to update you with. First of all I would like to announce that from today Phumi Simelane and I will be promoting a new Twitter trend entitled #prayfordavin . This trend is designed to help those realise a need for prayers for our friend known as Davin Graham. We will also be creating another trend entitled #prayforjapan and its current situation. Now, my day has been normal with schoolwork and such, but I went out with my friends camera to Baggeridge Park in Dudley and took some interesting photos. I have included one at the end of this post and will upload the rest to my Flickr stream and my deviantART account. Also, this evening I went with Phumi to the Camp Hill SDA Church to observe a youth week of prayer session. In my opinion the singing was good and, surprising myself, so was the service. Although I was very tired and kept eating soft mints I did manage to get some information from the event which was very relevant to me in my current situation. The rest of the evening hasn’t been really eventful but I will update you tomorrow afternoon since I will be away for a science trip in the morning. In closing I would like to ask all you readers a question to generate some discussion that I have always wondered. What is you? Is it your body? Your mind? Character? Or Soul? What is the thing which makes up you and your thoughts, actions and deeds? I hope you can give me some of your thoughts and opinions on this question. 再見!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Phumi says:

    Yeah Alex, well written, cant compete.


    1. jenai says:

      i agree with you phumi


  2. Phumi says:

    Everybody agrees with me Jenai.


  3. Georgia says:

    🙂 nice x in responce to the question ide say that your soul makes the desisions and dying stars make you . (:


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