The Evening Post – Issue 7

Finally, after a days hard work, Alex rested his head on the pillow, and fell straight to sleep. The End.

That would be a nice ending wouldn’t it? Unfortunately for me this isn’t the case. So let me begin my day. I started off as usual with groggy eyes and a hungry stomach so I headed for the kitchen. After having breakfast and a shower I got dressed ready for a day of toil and labour. I set about my work at 9 A.M. and finished at about 2 P.M. There’s not much to talk about in-between then, so I’ll skip till after. When I had finished my work I set about updating my My Flickr, deviantART, Portfolio and Blog. After this I went outside and, to my amazement, I found a ladybug! Now, I, being the person I am, decided to name my new found friend Steve and kindly treated him to a photo-shoot of which some of the products are included in this post. Continuing on with my day I then found myself on the phone to my loyal cousin Cadeem talking about how the world would be different if all wars were just on Facebook and consisted of pokes and friend requests. The conversation ended quite abruptly when he was told to ‘get off the phone’ so he could go to his Grandma’s house so I was then left alone for a time until I ended up here, at the computer desk, blogging and typing on msn as I usually do at night.

Finally. A less that 300 word post that still has meaning. Sorry I haven’t got anything deep to ask you today but I’ll think up something for tomorrow.  再見!

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Phumi says:

    So is ‘Steve’ still alive?


    1. Stairhopper says:

      Yep, I put him back on my shed where I found him :). By the way can I ask you something?


      1. Stairhopper says:

        Ok…Shanice stole my memory card but I need it back for tuesday because I recorded a keyboard song on it so I need her to bring it on Sabbath. Could you text her for me? Thanks.


  2. Phumi says:

    Yeah sureee


  3. jenai says:

    steve is amazing!


  4. George says:

    Cool. I knew a ladybird named Steve once… He died. 😦 R.I.P.


  5. Georgia says:

    lol ur gonna have 2 teach me how 2 take gd pics Alexx ! mine r realii bad xxx :/ my ladybug used 2 be called Bellatrixxa Laploo <- i was 6 … dont laugh xxx


  6. Stairhopper says:

    lol Jenai, and nah he disnt die George, he was reborn in mine! and yeah i will Georgia 🙂


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