The Morning Mail – Issue 4

Now, sorry for taking so long to put up another post but, as I mentioned in my last post, I was out all day yesterday. I got home at about 10:30 P.M. and attempted to write a blog post about my day but failed. Apparently I couldn’t post because of an ‘Internal Server Error’ at So I just had to call it a day and go to sleep. Before I start writing about my day I would like to thank all those who answered my question on my last post and all those who gave positive thoughts.

Yesterday started as a normal day. Me not wanting to get out of bed until the very last minute left mum very heated since she likes to get to places on time. I soon began to get moving when I realised what day it was and that I was due to go and see a science presentation with some friends. As we finally left out for Stoke at 9:15 I felt awake as ever. We arrived at about 9:57 (Yes I do precise timings) and entered the Stoke Museum and Art Gallery. I waited for some other people to come before we began our activities and presentations. We started on the Staffordshire horde and how old and intricate the design was and we were then given the chance to become hunters ourselves. We then were taken down to see the beetle presentation to learn how they adapted and evolved and how many species and how to tell them apart and sort them with keys. This was quite interesting, if I say so myself, but it was short lived and we were given a break for lunch in which Georgia insisted on taking me down whilst we were outside. After lunch we were re-introduced to our guide and given a presentation and hands-on demonstrations about how the tectonic plates work, the ring of fire etc. Now, my favourite part was after this where we were given cameras to take pictures with around the museum and we were only aloud to take one home so we had to choose wisely. I know some (not mentioning any names) chose to take pictures of fish and chips whilst others, like myself, took interesting photos of objects around the gallery. After having an exhausting afternoon surviving torture by Georgia we visited the gift shop, re-entered our cars and set off for home. When we got back to Wolverhampton I departed for my keyboard lesson and should be doing my grades soon when I’ve learnt a few more chords and more complicated syncopation. After, I left for pathfinders. (Just as a note for Georgia and George I’m sorry I wasn’t online since I forgot about my lesson and pathfinders). When I arrived we had an extremely long and meaningless devotion which then led to a lengthy discussion, drilling and marching and eventually free time. Now remember in my last post that Phumi and I were creating a #prayfordavin trend? Well we need more re-tweeters. Davin is now in dire straights and give people cookies that have been wiped on the floor. I know many victims of his so called ‘paring’. Carrying on, Davin and I left for Whit-More-Reans in which we were careful not to make any sudden movements in since of the reputation for drugs, fights and death rates. After we had safely crossed out into Bushbury we parted ways, he going to his house and I going to mine. After filling you all in on my day I’m going to leave you with a geological question. Where do you think a ‘hotspot’ volcano comes from and why does it appear? I’ve also left you with two photos to look at. One I took the other day and the other is my chosen museum photo.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Georgia says:

    Lol u forgot about the poke warz !! n my fish n chip pic was EPIC !!!! XXXX


    1. Stairhopper says:

      😀 The poke wars were optional! And I know it was epic…but just not practical 🙂 x


  2. George says:

    It wasn’t really poke “wars” as much as it was us all poking Alex. 😀 still fun though. Anyway science day was awesome and looking forward to the next post 😀


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