The Evening Post – Issue 8

Well, another day has started to come to a close and it’s time for me to fill you in on my day! As you can tell, I’d usually begin where I woke up but today I think I’ll skip that and get on to just before I left the house. So lets begin.

Some may call it an addiction but I know that if I don’t keep on top of my emails and accounts I’ll never delete any emails or update any accounts so I always check them before I start my work. As a few of you may know today is Zhanè’s birthday! I did post on her Facebook wall and, if you know her, you should too. Soon after I realised that to get to my destination to do my work for the day I would have to leave soon so I replied to my comments of which some of you wrote and then left out. I used to know the UK for being cold, wet and dark but it seems that Summer has finally caught up with us…even if it is Spring. So, in the blistering heat of 14°! To those who are outside of the UK or in warmer countries you may think that temperature would give you the chills but believe me to us it’s the warmest day since last September! Anyway, I rode down to my destination and started my work for the day. Since I wanted to make the most of the sun while it was around I started at 9:30 and finished at 2:30 so I had plenty of time to journey down to the park for a while. I was supposed to be there till 3:15 but I ended up getting home at around 4:45 of which my mother was not pleased to say the least. Since I’ve been back all that my life has revolved around has been talking, writing this and enjoying food and, as most of you know, chocolate. I realise that I have neglected my duty to give you Flickr photos and TomSka videos so I promise to post some after this. I did say I was going to leave you with a nice question for you to ponder and, since I’ve heard quite a bit about time travel, I decided to leave you with this; If you travelled back in time and saw yourself you would’ve had to remember seeing yourself in the past so you would already know that you were obviously going to time travel and see yourself which would alter your future from just discovering time travel to knowing you were going to time travel which would leave a continuous loop. My questions for today are as follows: What would be the main, or if you fancy a challenge, all limitations of time travel? and also If you saw yourself in the past or future what would be your way of making that mistake not happen and get out that loop? Thats all I have for today and thanks for reading!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. George says:

    QI says time travel is possible but it would work like a telephone, there would have to be time machines in the past too… but since there aren’t, seeing yourself in the past would be impossible. 😀 Yay, words are fun 😀 Lol


    1. Stairhopper says:

      Ah true, but what is one was invented, and you didn’t know about it. Then they came into mass production, and then saw yourself in the past since there was already one time machine invented? It’s really all to do with Worm Holes in space and the curve of time. If you can bypass the curve and make a hole between here and the future it’s effectively time travelling. But yes it works like a telephone. The question is there already one invented? They said in 2008 that by 2009 one would be in operation but they never said anything after that. I’m suspicious…


      1. George says:

        Mind = blown…


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