The Morning Mail – Issue 5

Hi everyone. Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday or the evening before so I’ll start  from where I left off.

After I had created my mouth-watering flapjacks I just generally chilled and spent most of my time inspecting the produce until the evening when we took out Rubies birthday cake and let her blow out the candles. The rest of the evening was, to say the least, dry and uneventful so there’s not much to talk about to I’ll skip to when I got to Aston the next day for the NEC Youth Day if that’s ok.

When we arrived after our 30 minute journey I was greeted by some friends who had come also. We made our way to the doors and handed our tickets in before finding our way to the auditorium where we would be spending most of our day. I have to say the stands where we sat did look and feel rather flimsy but I decided to keep those thoughts out of my mind. Rhiannon, on the other hand, decided to become paranoid of our current situation and seemed to think that any sudden movement could bring instant death to us all. After a long length of time, comments, talking and successfully keeping Brynmawr and Phumi awake throughout the length of the service we were given a lunch break and were told to meet back at 4:15. For lunch we travelled to Newtown and, after eating and hear Rhiannon moan about her dad, returned to Aston for even more painful lectures. When we returned we chose some seats and sat down as the afternoon service started. I can’t remember much since most of the time I wasn’t paying attention but I quickly perked up when hearing the names Bill Gates and Steve Jobs although I don’t know why they were mentioned. As I looked across to see what my peers were up to I saw Phumi attempting to multitask Twitter and sleeping but I reckon she couldn’t manage to do both and saw Rhiannon reading stories on FanFic as she normally does. I did try to read along because I sometimes read but she neglected me the privilege of doing so and ignored me for most of the day after that apart from hitting me every so often for no given reason. Brynmawr arrived about halfway through the service so at least I had someone to stop me from being so bored. The rest of the service seemed to slip by and, to me, only seemed to last half an hour but I was glad anyway and didn’t bother mentioning this in case he (being Jeffery Rosario) carried on speaking. I don’t mind people speaking for long lengths of time as long as it’s something interesting or something that I’m interested in and, to put it bluntly, I’m not exactly interested in standing out like Paul. Soon after he finished speaking I found myself walking to the car park but it was a while before we left since Phumi’s brother seems to know a large amount of people and tries to catch up on life stories in a space of five minutes. After I had arrived at my destination I was quite tired and, as a result, didn’t have time to post anything and went straight to bed.

So that was two night ago and yesterdays summary but what is in store for me today? The answer is nothing. I was going to visit my cousin but I doubt anything will happen since I haven’t arranged anything so I’ll more that likely be in for the day. It’s not all bad news though, you never know, I might make more flapjacks! I might post another video and photo if I get time but until then, 再見!

Edit: Sorry! I forgot to leave you guys with a question that was on my mind! Argh. Anyway, here it is: If the earth is round then is everything that is on the earth slightly rounded also? Because if a square was completely square not to earth dimensions it, in theory, would balance slightly on the floor instead of being flat. Has everything got a slight curve or is it an illusion of the eye?

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  1. Phumi says:

    Aston Uni, was an adventure. Screw u Alex of course I can multi task. And your question is hurtin my brain, so I wont answer


    1. Stairhopper says:

      It was a curse in my opinion lol. Also my multitasking on phones was better than yours! And don’t worry Phumi, we’re all smater than you. So other people will answer the question. 😀


  2. Phumi says:

    Your multitasking was better (stop playin). I’ll answer your question its an illusion of the eye duhhh Alex


    1. Stairhopper says:

      lol yeah I guess I can live with that answer…by the way can you ask shanice to add me back as a friend on facebook?


  3. Phumi says:

    yeah I’ll tell her for u


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