The Afternoon Article – Issue 4

Good afternoon people. I realise that I failed to update you on my day yesterday so I will do so now.

Yesterday was a fairly normal Tuesday since nothing extraordinary happened or anything worth mentioning and after my work I went to my keyboard lesson and then walked to pathfinders. My keyboard lesson was normal apart from the fact that a boy called Sam, who I believe has mental disabilities, kept hitting me with his bag until he was told by the teacher to stop. The rest of the lesson went without anything out of the ordinary happening and we were ushered out at exactly 5:00. Walking to pathfinders after took about 10 minutes and I waited outside until Helderberg arrived with the keys. The rest of the evening went normally without any disruptions so I’ll skip it and make this a brief post.

I will update you later on today in the evening so you should expect another issue of ‘The Evening Post’ when the time comes. 再見!

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