The Evening Post – Issue 9

My oh my! It seems as if I have left all you readers without a decent post for a whole week! Well then that must change and what better time to change that situation other than now! I shan’t bother to fill you in on the last seven days since that would take too long and I’m short for time as it is so I’ll give you the last two days of my life instead…

Tuesday was an exciting day. I went to the Wildside Centre with my friends George, Liam, Luke, Myles and Georgia. We started out going for a walk in which on several occasions George’s little brother, Henry, attempted to stab me with blunt twigs but to no avail. Our aim was to collect and make a mosaic to remind us of the colours of spring on a small pallet of paper that we were given just before we began. After completing this task we were introduced to an artistic challenge where we had to gather twelve twigs to make a picture or art sculpture on the floor. Me and George teamed up and, with 24 twigs, created a excellent TeePee. This project was then shortly followed by another in which we had to build a birds nest. Since me and George like extremes we built the largest one which could withstand the weight of a human! After this we left back and did some drawing. Whilst drawing Georgia decided to run off and, as a result, I had to chase her and bring her back to a supervised area. Unfortunately after this we didn’t stay for long and soon had to leave out to fetch Rubie, much to my dismay.

After my keyboard lesson and my trek to pathfinders we were given the task of checking tents. We did most of them before I left and I was also given the burden of taking control of the Bible Study on Friday since we didn’t finish the topic of the Holy Trinity. I was also confronted with the fact that we didn’t have enough money for my camping trip which, to be honest, I was very pleased with. Shortly after this my Tuesday decided to end…so I shall continue on with today…

Today saw a new beginning in my productivity. I’ve finally been getting my tasks done, making a decent amount of progress in my work and finally have all my weeks planned out so I get enough free time for myself also. Most of today, after my work of course, was spent at the park in which many pictures were taken, some of which I will include in this post. After a while, since I had to get back home for keyboard practice, I left at record pace back home only to find out that I had left my keyboard book at pathfinders! I was stuck with what to do until Rubie mentioned that she wanted me to play with her outside and I remembered the state of the garden. Now our garden was very neat at one stage, but, as everything eventually does, it got neglected and so I put upon myself the task of mowing, trimming and cleaning the expanse of grass that is now a very tidy garden. It took at least three hours, I’ll admit that, but overall it was worth it and, as I look over other people’s gardens in our neighbourhood I can proudly say that ours just may be the tidiest in all of Bushbury. Overall this Wednesday has been one of work and heat and I’m glad to be indoors for once with my windows wide open for the evening. That’s all for today but, before I go, I would like to leave you with two things. One of which are the pictures below and also a question. If the brain sends electrical impulses to our body then I would like to ask this: What volume of electricity does the brain send, what is the resistance to electricity of the membrane and, if used, how many volts are required to push the current through the membrane?




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  1. georgia says:

    OMG !! i cant believe u put that pic of me up !! its terrible !! 😦 lol it was fun 🙂 and … WTF is goin on wif that question ??!!! xXx XxX xXx strange person


    1. Stairhopper says:

      Don’t worry it’s copyrighted LOL


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