The Afternoon Article – Issue 6

Well what can I say? Yesterday started out normal and, in my mind, was going perfectly until around 8 p.m when I suddenly found myself flying through the air and collided with the road head first after which most events were a blur. I should’ve known my front disc brake needed replacing because it was starting to seize up slowly and it was becoming harder to ride. Of course I thought it was nothing and carried on but as I was passing the Cannock road garage my brakes suddenly stopped and I was sent crashing into the junction just after the garage. I was lucky that it wasn’t any earlier and that there were no cars on the road at the time since it took my a good while to get out the road with the help of Davin and his friend. Some local people heard the commotion and came out to help. One of which was kind enough to lend me their phone and so I, as not to make my mum panic, phoned Michael. The people gave me some water and tissue and told me to apply pressure to my head and nose to stop the bleeding until Michael came to take me to the hospital. When he did arrive he put my now broken bike into the boot and proceeded to take me to NewCross. We arrived at A&E at about 8:42 p.m and, after my assessment, waited until 11:02 p.m so I could see the doctor. The staff who treated me were very friendly and, if memory serves me well, their names were Tom and Edward. Tom explained a similar accident when we fell of his bike and how I might have a scar for up to a year until it fades away which was very encouraging. After being treated Michael took me home and, after washing, I finally got to bed at 1:02 p.m which was 4 hours later than I expected had gone normally. I woke up at 11:45 a.m today and thought it would be good to update you guys on this event since I just wanted to share it. Unfortunately I’ve got not questions today but I should do tomorrow. I won’t be posting anything else today since I’m in bed for the rest of the day so, after all that, 再見!

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  1. Jenai says:

    I hope you is ok xx 🙂


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