Alex’s Day Out

Unfortunately I have failed to update you as frequently due to various reasons but today I will attempt to make a comeback. Hopefully I’ll be scheduling a set time to do posts and other things so that you don’t see the same post for weeks on end as you have been. Anyway, on with my day:

Yesterday was eventful since I was meant to go to a birthday gathering but on my way to Birmingham I was sent a text saying that it had been suddenly cancelled for unknown reasons so I was left stranded with no-where to go and I didn’t want to return home just yet. So I found myself at the Touchwood Centre in Solihull and proceeded to buy a meal from Wagamana since it was nearing lunchtime. The food was very nice although I have been told that Cosmos is nicer but until I try that I’m afraid that Wagamama is my new favourite place for food. Then, after lunch and much to my delight, I found the Apple Store where I spent most of my time from 4 till 6 trying out iMacs, iPod Nanos, iPad 2s, MacBooks and finally paid tribute to the iPod Classic where my love for all things Apple began. As the store was closing and some of the staff started to give my funny looks I decided to return home but before I did so I was to visit the nearest Asda and get some cookies for the return journey. Now I had been walking all day and I did go to the gym the day before and the day before that I went on a hike. If you add all that together you get some seriously tired legs and it finally caught up with me whilst I was choosing my cookie flavour. My legs suddenly gave way and I was surrounded by strangers who lifted me up and sat me down on one of the edges of a refrigerated unit until I recovered. The whole ordeal was very embarrassing but funny at the same time for reasons I have yet to figure out. I also decided to buy a pack of KP Peanuts since they’re the only nuts I can have since I’m allergic to all other types. After thanking my rescuers, paying for my items I made my way home where my day finally ended.

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