Thank Adobe For Photoshop & Illustrator!

So I decided today to create a logo for myself and my group and get some
extra typography work done on my ‘FEELINGS’ project that has, not on
purpose, been lying dormant for some months. I think it’ll be done by the end of
next month providing I have enough time to place 200 words individually in
Photoshop. I started creating my logo after I saw some designs on the web and
realised that the best way to publicise your photos to sell isn’t by having your
face as your Twitter avatar but your logo. So I decided to make one and it took
around 1 hour and I made one for my Youth Group also. I am working on an
alternate design but it’s more oblong than equal sided but I might use it as
backup or promote it as a wallpaper for computers and phones.

The day’s been long but good. I’ve been busy over the past few days
organising a Family Fun Day for my Church, creating a poster for that occasion
(which was an added pain) and organising my Youth contacts into manageable
sections. The poster took at least 2-3 hours since I just couldn’t find a
hi-resolution photo of a bouncy castle since I was working on a 2550 x 3300
pixel canvas and no other resolution other that 512 x 512 or higher would look
good! So I spent ages finding the castle but I finally found a substitute even
though it required the magic wand to sort it out.

I also notice I failed to update you on several occasions and have broken
several promises but I have now scheduled three times a week to update you and
write a 30-minute post if possible so I hope not to disappoint you readers from
now on. Alex out.

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