iOS 5 & Site Changes

After being housebound for the entire day due to sickness (blame the weather) I decied to give my blog the once-over and finally finish updating my iPod to iOS 5 with a tethered Jailbreak.

First of all, the blog. I know many of you won’t be able to utilise the changes made but I decided to enable the ‘onswipe’ feature and create a iPad friendly app-like safari alternative to the original site. If you do have an iPad you should be viewing it right now. Secondly, I decided to use my logo instead of an ‘S’ as the website icon so you may notice that change since that goes for all users. Those are the only changes I’ve made so far today and hopefully there won’t be any more.

Now then, iOS 5. It took me a while to decide between a tethered Jailbreak and no battery percentage and a fully working iOS 4.3.3 with no notification center and addons…the choice was pretty clear. After around 4 hours of backing up, upgrading, jailbreaking, restoring, tweaking settings and finalising I have finally got my fuly functional iPod back and I have to say I am mightily impressed. Let me just go through some of the features:

1. iMessage – BlackBerry Messenger Rival (Finally I have something to knock down BBM and be proud of)

2. Wireless Sync – Does what it says on the tin, wirelessly sync with iTunes

3. None-Lockout Sync – You can still use your iPhone, iPod & iPad whilst sync

4. Reminders – A simple To-Do list app built in

5. Twitter Intergration – Does what it says, you can Tweet from Safari, Photos & and any other native Apple application (developer API’s coming soon to build into other apps)

6. Newsstand  – Save the forests! Get your magazines delivered straight to your News folder.

7. Game center – A bunch of improvements, including profile pictures.

8. Photos – You can delete and create photo albums on the device itself

9. Music – You can delete music on the device

10. Wireless Activation – Instead of the ‘Plug Into iTunes’ screen you get a friendly ‘Slide To Set Up’ prompt to activate your iDevice. Steve included this feature as part of the Post-PC era (no more standard computers)

11. FaceTime – Now over 3G networks

12. Notification Center – Finally! No more blue popups! The noticifations silently appear on the top of the screen and wil dissapear unless you click them. If you dont, they remain in the notification center so you know which ones you haven’t checked. The center can be acessed by swiping down from the top of the screen (it also includes weather and stock widgets). Also, the notifications you get whilst you device is off the put on the lock screen and can be chacked by swiping the icon on the lockscreen to the right.

13. iCloud! MobileMe is dead, according to Steve Jobs and I’m glad it is! With iClud you can get 5GB of free storage, backup (for non iTunes users who still want to backup their devices), a free account, photo storage, document storage, settings storage, contacts and calander. There are pictures below that will show you some of the features graphically.

14. Camera – How many times have you missed that moment because you had yo put in your passcode? Well no longer! When you double tap the home button on the lock screen the ‘Slide To Unlock’ bar shoretens and reveals a camera button that you can use to quickly take pictures. The volume-up button can now be used also for taking photos instead of touch-only.

There are over 200+ new features in the software (suprisingly it’s only an extra 52mb for the iDevice) so I won’t go indepth but, to all those non-apple users out there, it may be a good time to get yourselves into your local store! For all who want to contact me I would request that you use my new email for test purposes on: 

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