Another Day In the Office

When Master Snoopy Blue gets his gloves on with Stairhopper for some computer and iPhone makeovers what do you get? Progress.

At around 8:30 pm my dear friend and cousin Omari ‘Snoopy Blue’ Lee came over with a few tasks that we had to complete we headed off upstairs and, is his original words, ‘The Job Began’. We started off by preparing a friends laptop for a fresh Windows 7 install and quickly nailed it down and left it to run it’s course. Next, however, was the task of backing up ‘Blue Monkey’s’ iPhone since he never syncs it to his laptop (due to a broken charger) so I quickly nailed that down and backed it up via iTunes on my PC. Then the work started. Whilst Omari was getting the laptop up an running and installing all the latest updates, drivers and software. I, Alex Jacob Holyoake The 1st aka ‘Stairhopper’ (if you ever see that name then it is me, I have yet to find another person who uses that name) took it upon myself to copy all of Omari’s music, photos, settings and apps across to my PC and download the iOS 4.3.3 Firmware for the iPhone 4. We did manage to successfully backup all data on the iPhone and was almost ready to restore, jailbreak, and reatore tha backups before he had to, unfortunatley, leave. The whole process took till 10:45 when he, against his will, left. There are pictures below of what we acheived today and our slowly forming computer company which will be mostly made up of Blues PC Repair, HolyBlue Operating System, Boxedin Graphic Design and Coffee Breaks.

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