The Sun! It Burns!

How to explain my day…well. I started out my day by finally starting chapter seven of my story on and took the time to analyse the weather and determine how to dress. I opted for a complete black cover, hoping it would rain later but, much to my dismay, I was left sweltering in the heat as I was droped off at Karen’s house and posotioned myself on the sofa to begin a few items of work.

I started out by doing a small animation experimenting with shattering text and made some progress and also cleaned up some code on a website I’m working on in Adobe Dreamweaver CS 5.5. The resutls of my labour were…less than satisfying and I concluded that my Sunday wasn’t going to be very productive after all and I reisgned to the couch where I played Plants vs Zombies. After a while Karen, myself and a few others ventured off to West Park where we looked around and talked for a while. I was constatly reminded, however, of the terrible clothing mistake I made as I literally roasted underneath the unforgiving gaze of the sun. After a while Monique and Jessica desiced they’d had enough too and decided to walk back home…so I followed.

A few hours later when I had arrived back home I started workign of a few logo/tshirt designs for the Impact ministries which is commencing this July. The designs are simple, yet eye catching….and maybe in some cases eye-confusing. I’ve attached them below so you can get a batter look. Tell me what you think!

Question of the day: What is the size of your hand from wrist to middle finger?

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