Photo Of The Day – Headphone on vinyl, HMM

Headphone on vinyl, HMM by Ianmoran1970
Headphone on vinyl, HMM a photo by Ianmoran1970 on Flickr.

Another great macro shot from my friend Ian Moran. I love headphones and, from what I can see, these are Apple ones too! But seriously, I am loving the detail on the vinyl and how you can even see the mesh on the headphone. Well done!

Ians Description:

Via Flickr:
So simplicity, some would say the sound was better back in the ‘old’ days when things where simpler, just put the needle on the record and away you go. Then again some would say that just dosnt get any simpler than the zeros and ones of a digital medium, ether way this is a simple shot so hope it fits the bill.

A late entry to Macromonday theme “Simplicity” Happy macro Monday all!

Comments, faves and constructive crit., always very welcome, graphics not preferred

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