The Update/The Apology

Just over a month ago, I did my last post. Just over a month ago, I began to fail to put up new posts regularly…and I am sorry. Not just my blog has been suffering from my lack of energy/motivation since most of my person writing, design and other projects have been put on hold until I find the motivation to get them all finished. I have four stories of which I haven’t finished, five design projects and a few other quests. Not much has been going on lately and when I say ‘not much’ I seriously mean ‘not much’. In July I stopped posting due to all the stuff I had to do and all the things on my mind but, since the holidays, I just haven’t been doing anything whatsoever. Which doesn’t give me an excuse not to post really. Sure I occasionally visit people and friends but most of my days are spent inside since I’m an avid hater of the sun. I realise I need some sort of timetable since I’m terrible with time management and sometimes when I start doing something it’ll end up taking hours and then I run out of time do other things…but enough of my grovelling and moaning, I might as well update you on my recent days, I’ll start from Saturday:

Saturday/Sabbath was quite an interesting day to be fair. We (and by we I mean…well I’m not sure) stayed at GBK in the morning and visited Oxford Street in the evening.

The morning service was led by Aaron Mckenzie taking the scripture reading from Acts 2 (mainly verses 42-47) and expanding on it with other verses. The message was helpful and helped me (and many others I hope) realise some important things within the Church.

The program in Oxford Street, however, was equally as good but differed very much from traditional preaching. A couple from West-Brom had come over to explain to us about relationships. They did the first half on Friday evening and the second and undoubtedly most important part on Sabbath as AY. They explained to us what we should share and how far we should go with that other person when we are courting. They also told us what to look for in a person when we are looking and to get past the superficial and look at a persons character (when the presentations get emailed to me I will upload them). We (and in this context I mean me and Phumi) ended up staying at Church till the late hours of 9/10 sitting outside after the presentation had finished waiting for Karen, Vele and my mother’s ‘bonding’ time to cease so we could go home. Eventually, as you can tell, we did get home but at the time I was actually beginning to think we wouldn’t make it.

Now that Saturday’s over and done with I can begin with my more recent memories:

Sunday was by far the most lackadaisical period of twenty-four hours in my entire life. I woke up at six as usual and gravitated toward my computer immediately to see if George was online but, alas, my efforts were in vain. The rest of the day slipped by until around one pm when I decided to try again and this time I managed to get hold of him so he could send me back my Minecraft world which I’d sent him on Friday. After I had the world back and had started up the server we played for hours on end mostly exploring my previous mineshafts and using TNT to get the job done quicker. Unfortunately I didn’t notice the clock pass five pm and we continued playing through till the evening. We agreed as our final task before we signed off that we would pack around 3840 blocks of TNT into the centre of an island and destroy it from the inside out. After placing all the TNT blocks George, as usual, did the honours of setting it alight and we watched the display from our four story house. Eventually I saw the time was now 10:30 pm and we agreed it was time to go off since it was getting late and we’d been on it all day.

So, dear reader, there you have it! A summary of my past two days and an apology about my mysterious absence from this blog. I will be updating some of my pages with my recent work (mainly my news, 3D and Photography page) and posting videos and pictures like I used to. Don’t worry, by the way, I’m working on a timetable which will allow me to have a separate time to update you people on my day. It should be finished soon but I’m having to add in all the other things I’m committed to also.

And now. In the famous words of Toby Turner/Tobuscus:

Bless your face. If you coughed of sneezed during the reading of this article then bless you.

Peace Off!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenai says:

    You, George and your Minecraft, Happy times for some 🙂


    1. Stairhopper says:

      Not so lol. We were on it for 8-9 hours straight 😦


      1. Jenai says:

        Sad times for you then 😦 . why don’t you take a break, have a kit kat


  2. Stairhopper says:

    @Jenai PFFT! No way! I’ve still gotta secure the place from creepers after obliterating that island 😀


    1. Jenai says:

      Ahh dear, sad times in Minecraft securing the place 🙂


      1. Stairhopper says:

        Indeed they are 😦 Just got taken off it for the third time today by mum 😛


  3. Jenai says:

    You must have been pleased :p


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