Just Like Playing A Game – Life

Good evening intrepid reader! What’s that? You don’t like long drawn-out introductions like the one I am doing and, by the time you’re reading this, will have done? That really is such a shame…cause you’re gonna have to live with it! Muhuhahaha! Seriously though I really love my drawn out intros…was thinking of doing a talk show on YouTube the other day. Any ideas? Anyway, as usual, I digress into other subjects witch are best left to a later time or, in this case, post. Just a note before I carry on to tell you as to why this post is titled the way it is, I am finally classed as more insane than Sadia and Dijah put together! Here is the Twitter quote:

@Stairhopper just read your blog post… must say you crazier the my and dijah put together lol 😛
Twitter for Android • 15/08/2011 23:47

Oh yes! Hard, cold evidence! Or is it cold, hard evidence? I never really payed attention to all those 1960’s secret agent films at my Grandma’s… The screen capture of the Twitter message can be found below…sitting smugly at the base…supporting the whole structure of the post like C++ at the base of explorer.exe and Cocoa at the base of finder.app…

Again I stray like a lamb from the fold. So, without further ado, (I’ve always wanted to say that) I present to you the main message of my post:

You, dear reader, are still wondering why my post is entitled ‘Just Like Playing A Game – Life’ aren’t you? Well you’re in luck! Cause I’m about to explain to you why…

I often ponder…scratch that…I ponder too often…yeah that’s better. Anyways. When I ponder all sorts of absurd thing can creep into my mind and those although are often heavily influenced by what I’ve been spending most of my time doing which, in this circumstance, was gaming. Not just any games, though. Oh no I’m far too sophisticated for that. I had been playing Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood most of the time alongside Minecraft and as I was thinking I suddenly had a moment in which I was looking at myself through a third person view…it was kind of scary at first but it soon returned to normal. I then started to think about what life would be like if it actually was a game. Of course many people already think of life as ‘a game with no extra lives’ which is completely true. There are no 1up’s like Mario and no desynchronisation like in Assassin’s Creed. No respawns like in all popular FPS and no Elika in Prince Of Persia. But of course we all know that life isn’t a game. I just wonder what it would be like if we came back from death and had unlimited lives or had some sort of guardian angel who literally couldn’t let us die. Maybe I’m just getting delusional…I don’t know…maybe my 63 no-hit kill streak on AC is getting to my head or maybe it’s my four story house with three level basement on Minecraft that makes me wish it were real life…anywho I’m off this mind bending neurological twisting philosopher boat till my head stops hurting.

The three completely unrelated facts of the day are back:

1) I often want the grass to be blue.

2) I love the cold and dark…but seriously don’t take that as my personality.

3) My sister owns a pink ‘Hello Kitty’ scooter…I often ride it when she’s not at home…

Howdy, reader! Made it this far did you? Congratulations! Don’t worry your efforts will soon be rewarded with a personal blessing and that photo I promised you since the…third paragraph? I’m too lazy to scroll back up so I’ll leave it to you to count. Anyway, young heroes…and heroines…your prize awaits!

Bless your face. It you coughed or sneezed during the reading of this article then bless you.

Peace Off!


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