The Faily Mail – Read If You Want To See A Forced Post

Hey, explorer! Reading my posts again? Knew it. Stalker… Not that I mind, of course. It gives me views so you just keep on stalking me and whoever else you follow, ok? Good. Now for today’s post I’d like to first apologise for failing to put up a post in the evening about my day. I failed at my task due to me me falling asleep waiting for a mention from the ever elusive Rhiannon and Brynmawr Jackson-Hyatt. You can check up on our conversations on my Twitter profile. Be warned though, for this is not your average timeline…follow me if you dare…be prepared for talks about flapjacks, pies, pastry and other off-topic things. Anyway, back to reviewing my day.

Err, yeah. At that sentence you wannabe readers are kind of meant to go ‘Review? Day? Aw that’s too much words… *closes browser*’.

Now that I’m left with the hardcore readers only I think it’s time I really started the post…oh I really do love my long introductions…

Slow? Yes. Productive? Kind of. Happy? At the last part…

Those questions and answers could be used to describe my whole day, could they not? But, as you all know, I’m not into these short 200 word posts and skirting the outsides of my day. Oh no. I like to go deep into the day (or as far as possible) and bring out valuable lessons in the day that can help us learn something in life. As you can tell I have not once achieved the latter but, since that sentence was typed off the top of my head, I shall pursue to bring out some life lesson today.

My day was a long and tiring one. It started at 9am and ended at around 11pm when my eye lids couldn’t sustain my vision any longer. Most of my day was spent doing absolutely nothing…and when I say nothing I do mean nothing. I moped around, read FanFiction stories, pondered…and pretty much sat in bed all day. In short, my day was completely meaningless. Until 5:30. Why 5:30 you ask? Well I went to Pathfinders and, while I was there, my day took on a whole new meaning (excuse the exaggeration). I finally got to talk to my long lost friend/confidant Rhiannon and that was all that was good about it. Yep. That was the only highlight of my day. Nothing more than meeting a friend. Of course there were other people there that I consider acquaintances but I don’t really talk with them on the level I do with my close friends.

I’ll be completely honest with you now, dear reader. I am completely appalled by that post. I don’t know of you are but I am definitely not happy with the way that turned out. It seemed more of a forced post to me. I had good ideas for the perfect post yesterday but obviously it only would’ve worked in the spur of the moment. So, next time I have an idea I’ll be sure to put it up ASAP. That ok with you? Thought so. Anyway, sorry to cut this short to all those who are reading but at around noon I’ll have some quality writing ready for you. No! Don’t leave yet though! I need to give you your blessing…

Bless your face. If you coughed or sneezed during the reading of this article then bless you.

Peace Off!

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