Let’s Play!

Hello, Audience!

So, for the past four hours, I’ve been downloading Camtasia Studio 7.1.1 (I love .’s), and have decided to create my very own ‘Let’s Play’ series! Hooray! The hosts will be myself (Stairhopper) and George/Gred (Juj). We will be producing the let’s play series based on our adventures in Terraria. It will span three worlds and four players, and have two alternate shows: Noobs and Overpowered. The noob series will consist of me and George starting a new world with all-new players. The overpowered series, however, will be a series with our main characters and weapons, which are the best in the game. I just hope George agrees, since I haven’t told him yet.

The rest of my time, as you may have guessed, has been spent lounging around and generally doing nothing. So I don’t have much to report on. I should hopefully be doing the first Let’s Play production today, ‘if’ I can figure Camtasia out (note the if), so that might be on here by this evening.

Until then, fellow Terrarians, I’m off this!

Bless your face. If you coughed or sneezed during the reading of this article then bless you. Peace off, and may your toes stay clean.

Alex Out.


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