Terraria – Sand Is Overpowered

As promised, I present to you my first Let’s Play video…well..kind of. You can probably tell I need a new hard-drive by the severe lag on this video and also that I never spoke, since I need a headset. This video is basically a forerunner to the main series and deals with how ridiculously overpowered I am in this game. I will be using my brand new newbie character (the guy in black), and will have a new world, too. Oh, and on a last note, never hand a newbie a Phoenix Blaster in multiplayer PVP…it ends badly for them since they have no armor though they still try to kill you…

Bless your face. If you coughed or sneezed during the reading of this article then bless you. Peace off, and may your toes stay clean.


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