Terraria – There Is No Cow Layer

Hello audience,

Fancy seeing you here! On my blog! Well, I have some news for you! George has caught on to the idea of our own ‘Let’s Play’ video and, tonight, we recorded our first episode!

Now, don’t get too excited, it hasn’t been properly edited yet…

Neither does it have audio commentary…but we’re working on that…

I am proud to say, however, that it has no lag!

Anyway, the reason I can’t upload it today is because of three main reasons:

1) It’s late, and I want to go to sleep today, not tomorrow.

2) My Hard-Drive, although it managed a no-lag record, still can’t cope with Camtasia video editing, and ran like a sloth.

3) I was about to get a week-ban from Terraria, courtesy of my beloved mother.

To be fair, I think those reasons are adequate enough for an excuse. So, stay tuned and hopefully by mid-day tomorrow, you’ll be able to watch the mind-blowing, forty-minute, waste-of-time, don’t-watch-it, damn-those-slimes episode of our Let’s Play series entitled:

Let’s Play Terraria – Episode 1 2: George Included

Bless your face. If you coughed or sneezed during the reading of this article then bless you. Peace off, and may your toes stay clean.

Alex/Stairhopper Out.

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One Comment Add yours

  1. George says:

    Woo! I look forward to recording more episodes 🙂


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