Photo Of The Day – Orange in glass. HMM

Orange in glass. HMM by Ianmoran1970
Orange in glass. HMM a photo by Ianmoran1970 on Flickr.

Since this another excellent piece of work by the amazing Ian Moran…and the fact that I have a craving for Orange Juice nearly every day, I decided to post this amazing macro photo! In fact, I’m going to stop rambling and get a drink to partially quench my desire for the vitamin-c enriched juice… Cya chumps!

Via Flickr:

A simple shot of orange in a glass. Refreshing stuff in the morning, something I typically will drink with my breakfast before hitting the coffee. Hope you enjoy this stuff too.

Orange is also my 1st sons fave colour.. not a bad choice I feel. Apologies for being so obvious with the interp, but it is indeed orange!

Thanks for looking.

Macromonday threme : “Orange”

Happy macro Monday!


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