The Morning Mail – Issue 6

Dear common simpletons…and those who aren’t so simple,

Haven’t seen that title up there in a long time, have you? No? Well neither have I, to be honest. Well I thought I’d just let you know that I’ll most likely be starting this Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Mail, Article, and Post up again. Not that I know what to put in it, of course… Anyway, I would just like to ask that (if anyone’s reading this, of course) you drop me any ideas in the comments of what to put in these darn posts, as my brain’s been filled with Junk Jack, Minecraft, and Terraria lately, so nothing useful is coming out…at all. Secondly, I thought I’d start dropping a Tweet of the day (or week, depending on how lazy I am :P) on this thing, starting with a quote from our favorite Bing later on today. Also, as you probably already can tell, my work production in regards to Typography and 3D hasn’t been as good as it should’ve been, so I made a really (and I mean it) bad Helvetica poster the other day to kick-start my head in to first gear at least. I’ll be working on some little things soon, and hopefully get After Effects to plan nicely with Cinema 4D R13. Wow, the word count’s at 211 already! I feel proud! I feel a sense of achievement that i haven’t felt in nearly four months! Moving on. I know this post’s been short, but as I said, my head isn’t in the best of shapes right now, so when something comes into one ear, I’ll try and jot it down before it goes out the other. To be honest, my head feels like Windows… All messed up. Oh! Do you remember when I used to do a question of the day? Yes? Good! Well then, since I have one on my mind, I’ll share: Does today’s security make people even more insecure, so that they crave more security? And which is more important? Security, or Privacy? That being said, I know this is more of another (and no, I haven’t been counting) status post, but hey, at least I’ve been making some progress lately! Hopefully the next post will have more meaning to it, so just stay in your seat till who knows when…


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