Newsspot – An Artist’s Big, Big Plans for Red Hook

The second edition of Newsspot, this time with another article about art. This post may have been from the 13th, but I still think the article deserves a tad more promotion, seeing as it grabbed my attention. A political post will be arriving shortly, as I have found a rather interesting post. As before this post will only an excerpt, and the link to the full article will be below. Enjoy!

An Artist’s Big, Big Plans for Red Hook

Chang W. Lee/The New York Times

Dustin Yellin at the Brooklyn warehouse he bought for $3.7 million.

Published: January 13, 2012


THE artist Dustin Yellin likes big things. The jawbone of a sperm whale hangs in his studio. His most recent sculpture weighs more than 12 tons. And in June, he became the owner of the former Time Moving and Storage building, a 24,000-square-foot Civil War-era warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn, for which he paid $3.7 million.

Mr. Yellin’s plans for the space are bigger still.

“My crazy dream is to create a kind of utopian art center here,” he said last month while standing in the building’s courtyard, where a glittering Airstream trailer sat amid newly planted fig and crabapple trees. Mr. Yellin’s vision includes a large-scale exhibition hall, an artists’ residency program, a sculpture garden and hosts of visitors for symposiums and public programs.

In the scale of its ambition, Pioneer and King — as Mr. Yellin, 36, calls the building, for its location between Pioneer and King Streets — brings to mind P.S. 1, the contemporary art center in Long Island City, Queens. Alanna Heiss, its founder, had similarly idealistic aims when she acquired that site, an abandoned school building, in 1976. But Ms. Heiss was not an amateur impresario: she had founded and run the Institute for Art and Urban Resources for five years, transforming other derelict buildings into studios and exhibition spaces. Moreover, Ms. Heiss never worked as an artist.

The rest can be read here: NY Times – An Artist’s Big, Big Plans for Red Hook

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