The Evening Post – Issue 12

You know what? For once in my life, I’ve been right! The day went as well as expected. Well, excluding my headache from screaming children and dehydration, it did. It went as normal till around 17:00 really. You know, work, blog, twitter, foursquare, cook, play with little sister, and there my normal day ended. The abnormal thing that happened today, seeing as it isn’t a regular occurrence, was that Mum decided to take me with her to her fitness classes which she hosts. That, combined with a pounding headache, didn’t do me well, but I got through in the end, and here I am!

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If i had to pick a highlight out of my day, however, I would choose playing with my sister and her friend. The former requested that we would dress up to be different things, so that I could take pictures of us dressed as whatever we chose. Rubie, being the pretty little pink girl she is, dressed up as a princess, to no surprise. Her friend, on the other hand, had dressed as a fake Ezio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed II, although he did try and get as close to the original as possible. And me? Well I decided to go orginal, and totally Alex style with the classis ‘I’m from the future’ look. Complete with glasses, duffle coat, and gloves too! The smaller ones did eventually persuade me to come over to more ancient days, and after some rummaging around, I found my old green cloak from when I was 7-8. I have to admit, I still like it. After a few photos, we decided to call it a day, and removed our totally rad (and by rad, I mean nubbish (noob like)) disguises, and collapsed on the sofa. You see (and I loathe to admit it), I’m not the most active person out there, and although I weigh just 8 stone, and look like a 2D image, my fitness levels aren’t what they should be, and so after taking a few action shots, I was totally zoned out. This did have one good perk though, as I got to catch up on some Wall Street Journalvideos, and New York Times articles.

The New York Times Building
Image by wsifrancis via Flickr

I have to say, compared to english news, Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and the New York Times (NYT) totally blow us out the water. The news is relevant, and the channels/categories are suited to what you’re interested in. Take the BBC for example. I like to catch up on UK news occasionally, but most of the times, the news isn’t really what I want to hear, and since most of the news is consolidated into one channel, it isn’t really appealing for me. The WSJ, on the other hand, have quite a few options, from what I’ve seen, and I mostly stick to the 2012 campaign channel, and the News Hub channel. As for newspapers, I just find that the NYT has a better variety and layout than the UK newspapers. Even the app for the NYT easily beats the english. Don’t get me wrong, I’d happily get the Guardian app or The Times app, but it doesn’t have the same sharing, reading, or even layout features. The Guardian app for iPad, on the other hand, is a different story. It has the most beautiful metro interface, and the editions are well laid out, and even compete with the NYT’s simplicity. What I don’t get is why they have a separate app for both devices, and how one is amazing, and the other not-so. But really, what can I say? They’re both two really different papers, as the news in america is drastically different from that of the UK. I just think that we could be doing better.

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