Photo Of The Day 1/2 – Slow Down

slow down by SuperDewa
slow down a photo by SuperDewa on Flickr.

Simply how I’m feeling right now, and this picture just about sums all of what I’m feeling right now up. Sometimes it’s best to just slow down, take time to catch up, and watch the world pass you by. The warm tones and focal length also add a great effect and calmness to this picture, too. Here is the photographer’s story:

Via Flickr:
This frigid morning (it was well under 0F when I got up) I dropped my daughter off at a rehearsal and went out to run a load of errands in Hudson. Turned out the stores I needed to visit weren’t going to open for another hour, so I was “forced” to go somewhere warm, drink coffee, and read a book.

I got a lot of reading done but was distracted by two elegant women sitting near me discussing the art installation one of them was about to put up at a very famous museum in NYC. I tried really hard not to eavesdrop, but their voices may have been a little too loud and their conversation may have been a little too fascinating.

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