The Evening Post – Issue 13

SOPA Resistance Day!
Image by ~C4Chaos via Flickr

Dear selfless, humble readers,

Ya’know, today’s been the slowest day of 2012 yet, and I really hope it doesn’t happen again. But I’m sure life won’t make any promises to me, so I’ll just have to ride them out. Starting with my protests on Twitter and here against the PIPA and SOPA acts, my day was filled with life and excitement. The problem was that, after a while, my hype died down, and all the life just seemed to seep out of me. I’m still against these acts, but the social media strength was lost in a moment of passion. Worse still, I had nothing to do! As in zilch! You see, I had done all my designated chores and other commitments by 16:00 hours GMT, and I was at a complete loss. I could’ve played the keyboard for longer than I did, but these days I’m not sure if it’s for me. Hey, maybe I’ll try and get one of my children to try it, I don’t know. Anyway, I found myself devoid of things to do, and so I turned to my bed, in aid of help. No, I didn’t go to sleep, I went to my bed because it’s near there that my phone and iPod charge. Surprisingly though, there wasn’t much to do on them either. I did, however, manage to get back to talking to the betrothed, Sadia (Blog Here: Sadia’s Thoughts & More), and had a good conversation…which is still going on. Apart from that though, there wasn’t much to do. I’d done everything that anyone had asked of me, there wasn’t any sites I wanted to visit, there wasn’t anyone I was keen on talking to, and I really had no-where to go.  I was pretty much bored. But then I remembered WordPress (hooray!), and had pity on you poor reader after watching me rant most of the day about the PIPA and SOPA act which has become so hated these days. So, as you can see, I decided to give you people a little update on my day, and a peek into my life as it is now. Not that it’s very interesting, but hey, not all of us can be super-awesome Apple CEO’s can we? *Narrows Eyes At Tim Cook* I’m not going to be posting anything till the morning, since I’ve found that If I get at least 9 hours sleep, my eyes can actually open and stay that way at 6:30 am! Freaky, huh? So yes, you can expect a news article, photo, and more coming your way tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, I’ve linked some more related articles for your reading pleasure.

Alex Out.


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