Of Minipoets And Blogging Conventions!

Why hello, readers! I’m only doing a small post today (although I’ll be posting the usual news and photo later) so it won’t be much of a burden for you to just read this little snipped that I have to share with you. The title for this post is unique, because I’ll be sharing two things in this post that’ve been started by two unique people.

First up is my good friend Daniel Blyden (@danielyep). He’s doing a blogging event entitled ‘Bloggers Collective 2: How To Write Online‘ in Birmingham. Entry costs £5 and the event page can be found here. I’m hoping to be going myself, and I hope that some other blog enthusiasts will join me. It’ll be a good experience, I think, to connect to other people, and learn about other blogging styles. I may even see some of you readers there!

Second, is another good friend of mine who is into poetry. He calls himself ‘Minipoet’, but those of us close to him will know him as Brynmawr (@therealminipoet). He’s starting a Twitter poem timeline, and hopefully we’ll be seeing his poetic half more often in his tweets. Head over to his Twitter profile to see for yourself!

Well, that’s my post for today. Be sure to follow my people on Twitter, and check out what’s going on!

Alex Out.


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