Photo Of The Day – Seascape 19

Well, many of you will be asking ‘Well, where’s all these posts I’m supposed to be getting emails about, huh?’ and I have to say, well done for remembering! Now, I have my reasons for not putting those posts up. In fact, scratch that. They’re my mother’s reasons. Besically, it seems that I am no longer allowed to have this beast on in the mornings (my computer), and can only have it on when everything that needs to be done is done (around 4pm), so it looks like it’s time to say goodbye to the morning mail *sniffle*. Now, stop your crying, because I had an idea! You know, I’ve just gotta love Automattic and their mobile applications, because I’ll be posting a morning mail issue hopefully every day from the comfort of my bed, on my iPod. It won’t be as long or elaborate as my other posts with links galore, but it’ll have to do until I can get a silent laptop that wakes in like 0.3 seconds…A.K.A a Macbook Pro…

Moving on, here’s the photo of the day! I decided on something a tad more serene today simply because I’m feeling at peace. Nothing’s running around in my head, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything under control. I was browsing my favorite Flickr pool this evening, and suddenly spotted this photo. The purple and blue just seemed to communicate tranquility, and I was surprised to see that such a good photo was available for sharing! Taken only two hours ago in Al Khubar, this array of colored pixels is fresh off the memory stick, so to speak. I would put a quote to go with it, but I’m running low on time in my busy schedule as it is, so I’m gonna have to cut this short. Remember, I’ll be back!



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