Photo Of The Day – 龍耀101

I think you’ll have guessed by now that I’m officially obsessed with Taiwan, and mostly Taipei. I love the landscape photos (watch out tomorrow), but I especially love the city life and traffic light stream photos. This one just seemed to jumped out at me today, and that’s saying something, because a LOT of people try these kinds of photos. If I could rate this photo out of the traditional five stars, I’d give it a full five out of five! Now, if I could ask all you viewers a favor, I’d ask that you please go to the photographer’s photostream, the link to which can be found directly below the picture in the caption. Trust me, you will not be disappointed! I myself just went through all 26 pages of his stream downloading all the ones I adored as wallpapers. Anywho, I’m off this machine now, so I’ll see y’all in the…afternoon? Yeah, the afternoon. Cya!



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