The Evening Post – Issue 16

Why hello there dear readers! Today’s been quite an eventful day, hasn’t it? What? No? Ugh, fine then, today’s been quite an eventful day for some of us hasn’t it? Yes? That’s better. So, as you’ve probably seen before from my earlier ‘Photo Of The Day’ today’s been quite exciting. I got a camera, I took pictures, and, best of all, it snowed! And is still snowing! How awesome is that?! Now, for all you americans out there, this may seem like an ordinary thing, but trust me, in england (especially in the midlands), a good snowfall only happens once a year, or sometimes not at all, si this is going down in the history books! The morning didn’t have such a good start though. I mean, -11 degrees celsius isn’t what I like to wake up to when I’ve accidentally left my windows open all night. So yes, the weather hasn’t been nice to me at all today, but it did decide to bless em with some snowfall…although I can’t remember asking for this much. Not that I’m complaining or anything, but I’m just making a statement.

Okay, maybe I exaggerated, this post really wasn’t that long, but hey, what can I say, when you’ve got a life as dry as mine, even snow excites you to brink of madness. I’ll be back on track with my posting tomorrow, and it’ll be extra early, because I’ve gotta be back at my church for 11, and I’ll be walking it form my house, so I’ll be taking my sweet time. See you in the morning, beloved viewers!



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