The Evening Post – Issue 17

Good evening! Today has been quite interesting, in my opinion, but before I begin, I think I owe you an apology. I’ve been silent these past couple of days, and as much as I know it’s good to have a break, I can’t help but feel I’ve let you all down…somehow. I’ve been busy you see, with work, college course requirements and such, and generally preparing myself for the next stage of life. Anyway, as I said before, today’s been interesting (in a good way). This afternoon I finally got around to spending some quality time with Rubie in we both made some origami pieces and did some arts and crafts, since she loves those kinds of things. We made around six or seven ‘ninja discs’, three hearts, and two pianos. Or, in my case, a bench (since I didn’t color the keys in). I’ll put some pictures below for viewing. Other than that, my day’s been the norm. Not that I can complain really, since some people have too much going on in their life, and would give anything to have a quiet day, so I’m quite content with my life as it is. This week, however, has been full ow surprises. For starters, I finally got stable contact with my good friend Kerith (Teddy Kare), who I hadn’t made contact with since last year. It was a pleasant surprise when she added me on Skype one day, and it led to me eventually calling her since when she called me on Skype, the WiFi betrayed me. The second good thing that’s happened this week is that Jetpack Joyride (featuring the legendary Barry Steakfries) finally got updated! HELL YEAH! I finally got back to my Level 45 ‘Barry’ badge with no hiccups or restores at all! If that’s not proof, then I don’t know what is! So yeah, my weeks been alright. The weather’s been freezing as usual (-11 minimum), so I’ve been housebound apart from the odd ‘mandatory’ trip out.

I’ll be getting back into my regular posts again, but they’ll be in the evening as I mentioned before. It’s 10:30 over here now, so I’m gonna head off into my bed for some well earned rest. Catch you in the morning!


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