The Morning Mail – Issue 8

Canon EOS 550D


Happy Valentines Day!

Yeah, I know, it’s been a while, but stuff happens, and life gets busy, you know? This weeks has been the worst by far, in my opinion, and I just seem to fall asleep before I hit the pillow. On the bright side however, I’ve been trying to sort myself out and get a Canon EOS 550D to replace my Sony DS-C 2000. The deal I found was by far the best, with the camera and standard lens coming from London, and the Macro lens and Telephoto lens coming from Amazon. The problem was that even though the prices are exceptional, I still don’t have the money, so part of my time this week has been just making a list of all the things I could get rid of and sell to make funding for it. It should be enough, but hey, if it isn’t then I’ll just wait till my birthday. Of course my week has been filled with other countless things, but I shan’t bore you with the details.

Sorry about the length of the post too, but I’ve been struggling with…bloggers block? Yeah, bloggers block recently, and the posts just aren’t coming to my head as freely as they used to, but I’m trying to remedy that. I’ll be out today spending the day with my sister, since she’s going away for a while, so I’ll try and cook up some posts by this evening too keep you interested, so keep those push notifications on!


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