The Morning Mail – Issue 9


Why hello there readers!

Yeah, the posts the other day just didn’t happen, which is why I made up for it today! Yes, I know full well that I could’ve done some posts yesterday, but sometimes when your alone in the house all day, you just want to make good use of all the times you have. So I did. I managed to get all the cleaning, ironing, tidying, and numerous amounts of things done before my Mum got home. I may have tried too hard though, because when I tried to do some cakes, they didn’t come out like they should’ve with someone who has as much confectionary skills as I do. They were deflated. It turns out following the recipe for the new (to me) type of cake I was doing didn’t quite work out, and the amount of ingredients they said to put in did WAY over the 12 cases they suggested I use, so when I baked them, they didn’t properly cook even 30 minutes later, when they were starting to get a little too golden. Luckily for me, I have spare ingredients! Today I’ll be completing my to-do list (3/5) and doing a new batch of around 24 cupcakes, which is one thing on my to-do list anyway. Hopefully they’ll be done by 1-2, so stay tuned for some mouth-watering goodness with buttercream icing!



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