Photo Of The Day – Untitled

untitled by trilli bagus
untitled a photo by trilli bagus on Flickr.

Good morning readers!

What a fine start to the day, eh? The sun is shining (well, it kind of is for me), and the diggers outside my house woke me up to early! *sigh* I guess not everything can go perfectly, but at least I made an effort this morning to give you guys a post or two. Last night was a bit hectic, I’m afraid, and I didn’t get the time I needed to get one done, That, and my eyes were (and still are) red, and I feel like a sack of potatoes. I would’ve put a quote on before this, but it seems BrainyQuote is down on my end, with my BT HomeHub giving me an error page, saying it ‘Can’t find the server’. Lies.

Anyway, today’s picture comes from, you guessed it, Taiwan…Taipei to be precise, and was taken by another one of my favorite photographers, Elisa Azzali (Trilli Bagus). The vignette on the edge, the empty street, and the tone of the colors give this photo a very enigmatic look, which I quite like. So much so, that I’m going to suggest that you get your web browser over onto the Flickr page itself, and browse a little!

I’ll be posting a few things later, and if BrainyQuote decides to show up, I’ll pick out a quote of the day.



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