The Evening Post – Issue 20

Good Evening!

Yeah, sorry for the lack of posts and all. I did have a post ready on my iPod, but that sucked, and I realised that I’m gonna have to limit my blogging to the desk…

I just can’t seem to ge the hang of this whole mobile blogging thing. It doesn’t seem natural. I did have some posts ready, but my eyes are way too tired to even begin typing all the words I had mapped out, so I’m gonna put that on hold till tomorrow. However, while I was away from my computer today, I did my usual routine, and then (of course), played some Junk Jack. I have to admit, since I’ve got all my Mythril tools, and I’ve managed to loot like 30+ worlds of all the Mythril available, I feel like the game needs an adventure mode, seeing as when you’ve got Mythril, the game kind of ends. Anyway, enough of my gamer’s plight, I thought I’d upload some pictures of my exploration below on my main, and 99% looted world. Beware, I am seriously overpowered.

Sorry it’s been another quick post this evening, but I really have gotta get back to watching the rest of this Adventure Time episode before I go to bed. If you haven’t seen that program, I suggest you Google it. Like, now.


Adventure Time

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