Photo Of the Day – IMG_5238

IMG_5238  by JDHuang
IMG_5238 a photo by JDHuang on Flickr.

Afternoon readers!

No long speech today, you’ll be glad. So I’ll skip straight into why I chose this photo.

Signs have always fascinated me. Not so much English signs, but more the way Asian signs are presented in areas like China, Japan, and Taiwan. Even though some may be old, they really look attractive…in my opinion. That’s actually quite significant coming from a person who’s a downright cleanfreak, and hates a spot of dirt anywhere in his room.

Today’s photo was taken on February 24th, 2012 by another one of my favorites, JDHuang. I don’t know his actual name, though I’d hazard a guess to say that it starts with J. I do love how the lights in the picture are like bright spots, and also the angle at which the signs have been captured, too. Great work, Huang! (If I may call you that)


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