Photo Of The Day – 櫻迷離 (Sakura Blurred)

It’s that time of day again! Woohoo!

Today’s photo is from Sam Yaoo, who I remember mentioning a few days ago, and this photo comes from my No.1 country…which you probably already know.

If you didn’t, however, I’ll just tell you straight. Taiwan.

Today I was looking through my recent contact uploads on Flickr when this photo just seemed to stand out against all the street photos that had found there way onto my screen. It was easily the best picture I saw there, and was obviously going to be my choice for today. The picture just has the certain feel to it, with the vivid pink, and the soft blurred branches in the background, giving the focused flowers an excellent view. It’d easily be my photo of the month, and (if it was big enough) be my main wallpaper for everything I own. Again, awesome work Sam!

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