Photo Of The Day – 瓦盤 鋪天蓋地

Morning subjects!

Well, I think it’s morning, anyway. My body clock is messed up from last night.

Forgive me for not being able to post anything other than this this morning, but my higher brain functions are having a hard time…functioning, from my lack of sleep last night.

Apart from that though, this week’s been alright. I made shortbread, got my Adventure Time episodes, took a few pictures outdoors, and generally had a nice time.

I should be updating you guys later with pictures on my week, and maybe another news article if my eyes are working properly, so sorry for the brief description of seven whole days of my life.

Moving on, today’s picture comes from my post favorite contact 霞客 丁, who ranks near enough No.1 on my photography chart, He is what I aspire to be, to be honest. This photo just seems so serene in some parts (say, the reflection and light rays), but also told of an oncoming storm, which you can see on the right hand side. The full photo description is below…but you might want to translate it.

Well done 霞客 丁!


Photo Description Via Flickr:
當天台南下了一整天雨 沒想到傍晚忽然撥雲見日 隨後卻又出現大片捲軸雲拔山倒樹而來 陰晴交替 戲劇化的日落兩小時 驚豔的瓦盤初體驗!


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