Photo Of The Day – Thorny Pink Flowers

Again, good morning (or afternoon) readers!

Today’s photo of the day comes from Howard Fang (howard-f) on Flickr. I still love Taipei, but something about expired film just seems to jump out at me. That, and I have to say I’d love to visit Nevada any day. I’ve been looking through some photos lately, and found that ghost towns and the simple barrenness of the area and lack of life excites me. Anyway, this photo instantly became my photo of the day when I saw the expired film grain, the wonderful composition, and the stunning DOF on the photo. I hope you’ll like it too, and I encourage you to check out Howard’s photos later on!

Description Via Flickr:
nikon em + mc mir-24h 35/2. expired walgreen 200.

valley of fire state park, nv.


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