The Afternoon Article – Issue 9


So you’re probably wondering ‘what happened?’ or ‘no new notification emails?’, right?. I’m sorry about that, but I was distanced from my computer for quite a while, up until yesterday. I was going to do some posts yesterday too, but right before I did, I managed to cut my left hand with some glass that had cracked while I was washing up, so typing with one hand really wasn’t going to work for me. Thankfully it’s much better today, and I can maneuver it without a bandage, even if the movement is somewhat slower. Anyway, apart from that, my week hasn’t been all that eventful, so there’s not much to update you on in terms of my life. George has suddenly disappeared off iMessage (which I suspect has commuting to do with his iPod being dodgy), and my day-to-day life has gone on pretty much uninterrupted. I do, however, have a newfound interest in the state of Nevada, since as I mentioned in my photo of the day post, I’ve taken a real liking to ghost towns and deserted areas. I don’t think I could handle living in such an area, but a visit and a thourough expedition of the state would suffice. If I was going to live near, it would be in California…but not in a metropolitan area, of course. I’m not one for really busy areas, and prefer a quiet existence not too far from civilization, but not so close as to feel the brunt of a rushed lifestyle.

Anyway, at least I’m back on track now with this, so you can expect the usual amount of notification an/or emails to come through your device like before. I’m also going to make more of an effort to comment and like other fellow WordPress-user posts, and create some friendly links. Keep your eyes peeled on my Flickr photostream too, as I’ve got some photos that are near ready to be uploaded from my recent days and outings.


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