Photo Of The Day – 消蝕

Evening folks!

Yeah, I decided to leave a substantial gap between the Newsspot and this today, because it can be a little odd when you receive two notification emails like two minutes apart. It makes me look a tad obsessed…

Anyway, today’s photo comes from Sam Yaoo’s Canon EOS 40D at (from what I know) Sun Moon Lake, in Taiwan.

This photo actually stood out because of the vivid reflection on the water, and also the beautiful pink/red colors of the sunrise. The plants in the forefront of the picture also give it some ‘traffic’ if you like, so the picture isn’t completely barren. The row of stones (?) going across the near middle of the photo also break up the reflection too, giving the picture a tranquil, but different feel.

Hats off to Sam!

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  1. livvy30 says:

    Thanks for sharing!


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