The Evening Post – Issue 22

Evening subjects!

Nah, i’m not that cruel…but I do like the way ‘subjects’ has a nice ring to it. Maybe I’m on a power trip…nah…I never get those either. Anyway, I thought I might as well update you on my past two days this week, and do a nice evening post, seeing as the last one was quite a while ago. I kind of owe you guys one anyway, seeing as 90% of my posts have become articles and pictures.

Monday was actually an interesting day. Yeah, I did the usual, but then it was the ‘family outing’ as I call it, that got me into the spirit of Mondays. Mother insisted that me, my sister, and friend, go to West Park, Wolverhampton, and get some fresh air and all that. So we went to the park, and I got my photography  mind into gear, and took photos of literally anything that caught my attention. I was hard though, with no manual focus and all, but I have ways of getting my darn camera to see things my way…all non-violent of course. You can see some of the photos I took on my Flickr photo stream, or below…though I really would appreciate some views and comments on my stream.

So that was my Monday, really. Not much happened after that. I did some color correction in Lightroom 3.6, updated my Flickr, and slept.

Onto Tuesday then! Well…erm…I did the usual, updated the blog (which I enjoy more than most things these days), and went to pathfinders. The end.

And that really is all there is to it. Today was kind of eventless, as you can see, so I hope you’ll forgive me on that one, and enjoy the beautiful slideshow below to make up for my lack of words.


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