Bloggers United!

Evening guys, I thought I’d just take the time to acknowledge two of my fellow bloggers that I actually know personally and are quite close with.

The first is, of course, our very own Sadia Deen! She made a rather unexpected comeback on her blog in January, and I hope you’ll check out, like, follow, and do whatever you need to do on her blog at My thoughts… My views…. My life…<3. She’ll also be helping out over here too as an admin, so I won’t be the sole owner of this blog.

If you weren’t surprised enough already, she also has a Flickr account! That’s right, fellow photographers, she is also one of us! Armed with a Nikon Coolpix P500, she takes some mean shots, but would also like some constructive criticism to help her on her way. So, to check out some of those ‘mean’ shots, and maybe post a comment or two, you can go right ahead to her photo stream at Flickr: Sadiaelenaa’s Photostream. I have to say… I’m mighty impressed myself!

Over in the right corner, is my buddy in poetry (though I write none myself), Brynmawr. You may remember me mentioning him a while back in a post that dealt with his ‘Poem Revolution’. Well, he was talking to me on Twitter a while back on how he was going to start up a blog, and keep it updated with his poems and the like. It took him a while to get the whole thing together, but that’s understandable with Uni and all. However, on the 29th February 2012 (that’s right, he can’t have a blog birthday for the next four years), The Real Minipoet was brought onto the WordPress servers of the world. Seeing as he is quite a busy guy though, and sometimes can only post the body of poems, I was made his humble editor shortly after, making sure that what was meant to come out, did come out. In the correct english.

If you want to check that out, then simply head on over to TheRealMinipoet, and look around. Remember to subscribe though, as the poems may not be as consistent as the posts are over here.

So, those are my two pals and their endeavors, but what about over here, eh?

I sadly realize that I haven’t been posting much variety lately, with only the routinely Photo Of The Day, and Newsspot coming through. Now I’m not complaining, and I know you guys enjoy those posts, so I’m not cutting them off or anything. All I’m going to be doing is cutting the Mail, Article, and Post off, and be putting more original titles. Sure, I’ll maybe slip in one or two, but the problem is that the title doesn’t really give anything away, which can have one of two effects on readers who see it. They can either become disinterested, and not look, or they can be intrigued, and see what it’s about. I have a feeling the latter are the minority, so I’ll be changing that up a little bit. Also, I’ll be bringing the Tweets and quotes back, as I’ve really slacked on those two aspects. Now, it’s a little hard to do the Newsspot, Photo Of The Day, Tweet Of The Day, and Quote Of The Day all… in one day. As a compromise, and hopefully as a better system, I won’t be posting all on the same day, but rather two of the four a day. Which two get posted depends on what I find on the web, and what catches my interest. That means that if I find a Tweet I really have to share, and an article, they’ll be what goes up fort that day, and vice versa for the other two. This gives more time for people to like, comment, and view a post before it gets updated or replaced with another in it’s ‘series’ so to speak. In a nutshell, this should give a few more views for me, and more time for you guys to make sense of whatever Klingon I’ve posted.

Anyway, coming to the end of my post, weekends are off. That obviously means no posts on Saturdays or Sundays, as standard. If I do post on a Sunday (Saturdays are 100% off), then it’ll be something good. The rest period gives me a break from typing, and you guys a break from checking your emails or RSS feeds.

On a closing note, I’d ask all you guys to keep spreading the link to this site, and if you’ve got any recommendations, comment below and I’ll do my best to make your requests a reality!



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