Sunny Days & Birthdays!

Good morning readers!

Sorry for not updating you guys sooner as I promised, but this week’s a little hectic, with some projects I’m doing, along with a few jobs people have asked me to do. I am trying though… honest.

Anyway, if you’re in the UK, you’re bound to have noticed the sudden heat-wave we’ve had over the past few days. I, for one, am neutral on this. I love the sun and all, but the temperature change is making me sweat buckets, and it’s only 15 degrees! I guess I’ll get used to it if it stays like this for longer, though I’m not sure it will.

On the other hand, two birthdays were blessed with this good weather, which is a bonus! The first was my friend Zhane’s birthday on Saturday, in which she became a legal adult at age 18! The get together was great, I have to say. Food, cake, photos. It was all there… especially the cake.

The second birthday was my sister Rubie’s 7th birthday yesterday, in which I made myself quite scarce, since she had her little ‘cronies’ coming over most of the time. It was an enjoyable day for her, and for me too. I got free cake and food, and she got presents. It was a win-win situation. Standard.

If you’ve got me on Facebook, then you can take a look at some of the photos I took at Zhane’s birthday on there, or, seeing as I put a select few on Flickr, you can look there too.


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